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Embarking on an online training project can be daunting, whether it’s your first or twentieth project.

We are passionate about working to meet your requirements and delivering the desired results.

That’s why we take the time to get things right from the beginning. This enables us to develop your training efficiently, effectively, on time and on budget.


Our staff are experts in the world of learning. This is due to their knowledge and experience in education and training, but also due to their hunger to continually improve and to stay up to date with the latest research and approaches. We know how people learn effectively and we use this knowledge to create absorbing online training that the user remembers and implements on the job.


Online training doesn’t have to take months to develop and implement. We can design, build and deliver a short, basic module in a week. Our entire process and system is streamlined to allow rapid development and updating of modules.


Why not deliver a sales skills module in the form of a film-noir style detective game? Why deliver a module as a straightforward course when you can transform it into an immersive experience based around a zombie dating app in the year 2022? These are the kinds of questions we ask and are just two examples of the types of imaginative ideas that we come up with for our clients.


We want our modules to thrill, stimulate and inspire your staff. We don’t do boring eLearning. We do eLearning how it should be. Gamification, branching scenarios, personalisation… we use whatever tool we think will make your modules most effective and engaging for you employees.

Our LMS - Spark

Unlike most competitors’ systems, Spark is flexible, cloud-based, scalable and packs a punch. The degree to which you can monitor, measure and report will take your breath away. There’s so much to say that we’ve dedicated a whole page to Spark.

Read about Spark

Our Service

Our clients come first, so we’re not happy until you’re happy. We guide you through every step of the process and are available whenever you need us. Whether you need us to organise translation and localisation services for a module or whether you just want a simple face-to-face chat over a coffee, we are always eager to please!

Project Management and Development Process

All of Bolt Learning’s projects are managed using our Project Management Framework, ensuring a consistent approach, resulting in no surprises and a quality service delivery, to exceed your expectations.

Our projects are divided into 6 clear steps with kick off meetings at the start to discuss the project scope including regular communication/reports and a review period at the end of each step. At the start of all projects, Bolt Learning’s Head of eLearning will typically spend time gathering information to create a clear Project Scope with the client Project Manager.

Bolt process diagram
1 - Scope 2 - Storyboard 3 - Develop 4 - Test 5 - Release 6 - Review

1 – Scope

After the initial Project award and discussion, Bolt Learning’s Head of eLearning will create a project scope which entails a range of learning and technical specific questions based on the project topic and your company allowing us to fully understand your required learning objectives, business needs and establish a baseline for measuring the success of your project at project evaluation. This ensures Bolt and client teams are aligned with project requirements, specific dates and responsibilities.

2 – Storyboard

Once the Bolt team have had their own internal project Kick Off Meeting, the Production Team will start work to develop the project design elements, including Instructional Design Storyboard or Prototype. This involves writing and sketching module content, specific learning interactions and narration.

3 – Develop

This is where the learning project is developed. By ‘fleshing out’ the approved storyboard or prototype, Bolt creates the required learning content for the project. With regular progress meetings, the client is continually made aware of progress and the evolution of the project, therefore when presented with the completed learning module, there are no surprises.

4 – Test

In this final development step, we review and test the completed project and make any final adjustments based on client review feedback or trials. This may involve testing on our clients LMS, on multiple browsers, different devices, in different languages including ‘stress’ testing to ensure the eLearning doesn’t break and to ensure all data is captured and reported correctly.

5 – Release

Once all testing has been completed and all required alterations have been incorporated, release of the project occurs during this step to the agreed delivery platform.

6 – Review

The project close-out is arranged by the Project Manager to include lessons learned and project evaluation based on information captured at the project scope to ensure we have delivered to your needs. Data captured by the LMS is referenced to ensure the learning has met our client’s requirements. All information gathered is fed back to ensure every project is delivered in the most efficient and effective method.

Client interaction will be required to gain all project feedback, good or bad. Our project management process is enhanced after every project completed.

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