Whilst most LMS's will let you see the exam score for a given user, our LMS goes further.

Not only will it give you a detailed analysis of progress through the eLearning module, it will also build a hierarchical picture of the organisations' performance, comparing an individual's performance to find those that are struggling.


eLearning Module Progression

From a bird’s-eye view, you can see the progress of your users through the available online training and can drill down to see how far a region, team or department has progressed through the allocated training.


LMS Reports screenshot


Exam and Quiz Scores

Again, from a bird's-eye view, drilling down to the detail of an individual on a single online course, you can see the exam scores and use it to compare trainees against their peers, easily spotting those performing better or worse than average.

Both at an individual level and on a per module basis, you can see the answers that users got right and wrong, how many attempts they took to get it right and even what answers they gave when they got it wrong.





We often want to measure an individual or a team's performance in specific areas and aspects. For example, perhaps knowledge (brand, product and industry) and skills (communication, efficiency and emotional inteligence). 

Our performance abilities allow the allocation of points for various actions within the training as well as for module completion. These can be set amounts or related to percentage scores in exams or quizzes. The points can be allocated to one or more aspect.

The performance in each area and aspect can be viewed on an individual or group level, allowing you to identify areas of development. It can also be used as a gamification tool to promote competition within the teams or to motivate an individual to better their own abilities.


LMS report statistics screenshot


Massive Range of Metrics

We have a massive range of metrics available, many of which can be displayed on your dashboard. These can show you information like number of modules completed, documents read, compliance levels, pass or failure rates and much more.

Each manager at different levels of the company hierarchy can define their own set of metrics allowing them to see the areas that specifically relate to their objectives.

These metrics can be set up as scheduled emails, sent automatically, to arrive in your inbox without you having to lift a finger.


Big Data

Bolt loves big data. Simply put, our learning management system automatically tracks and records all activity performed by the trainee. The hierarchical structure of our system allows managers to report on activity, progress and success at whichever level is appropriate to them, be it regional, national or any granularity they require. By monitoring your employee’s progress, our intelligent analysis software allows you to determine your high-fliers from your under-performers. This gives you early visibility of potential problem employees and develops your high performers faster.



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