Our LMS has an in-built Learning Record Store (LRS) providing a single record location for all forms of training, whether via an online platform, face to face, seminars or appraisals.


A learning record store receives and stores data regarding learning experiences, achievements, performances and everything else is relevant to your training. They are usually standalone systems, but at Bolt we provide an efficient learning record store as an integral part of our LMS.

A variety of learning experiences can be tracked with out modern Learning Record Store (LRS), and data taken from these experiences can be viewed through our powerful reporting suite or shared with other systems for reporting analytics and to support adaptive learning experiences.

The data collected allows you to define and record attendance and participation in different forms of training and can be gathred to evaluate the effectiveness of the eLearning and trainizng solutions. A learning record store is an essential tool for big companies with the need to store data about a big number of employees.

Our learning record store can capture data on learning experiences outside of the current company or organisation, so even records pertaining to courses trainees have done in their own time, or in a previous role, can be recorded giving you as full a picture on a trainee as possible.



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