Our location-aware LMS offers a truly global solution, available in multiple languages with a built-in rapid localisation and translation system. This revolutionises the traditionally challenging and expensive exercise of developing a global learning management platform.


LMS in multiple languages

Our global Learning Management System (LMS) is itself already available in multiple languages, with a complete translation of the entire system. The platform can automatically detect and adjust to the language of the user, or users can set up their own language preference: the interface and all communications are translated instantly.

Many languages are already available including British English, American English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French and Chinese (Simplified) with many more being added regularly to expand the multilingual accessibility.


LMS examples in French and English



As well as being in the language of your choice, Bolt Learning’s LMS also understands the aspects of localisation, such as dates and times, currencies and phone number prefixes. The global learning management system is geolocation aware and can detect where in the world a user is, making Bolt Learning the obvious first choice for leading multinational organisations looking for an automatic localisation and translation system.

Our multilingual LMS with localisation and translation functions provides international companies with a global learning management system and makes the implementation of training solutions an easy, effective and consistent process. Finally, not only the platform but every learning content can be translated: our LMS supports the deployment of online training modules in multiple languages, rapidly created with our unique translation system.


Looking for eLearning translation to sit on your LMS? Check our our new eLearning Translation system



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