Spark's powerful compliance tracking system allows you to define your own rules, whether that be on a job role basis or on levels of your organisational hierarchy.

It will automatically monitor and report on compliance levels and provide early warning of renewal or recap requirements. 

Job Role Compliance

For each job role that a user may have, you can define requirements for them to adhere to (e.g. must complete induction within 1 week of starting; must renew Health & Safety every 6 months, etc.) and the system will combine the different roles a user may fulfil and ensure they do the required training.

LMS Compliance summary screenshot

Organisational Level Compliance

This allows you to define a set of compliance requirements for levels within your company hierarchy (e.g. there must be a branch manager with valid Fire Warden; there must be a director with valid certification, etc.).

The system will then report on the level of compliance to these requirements and alert you when any changes cause issues.

LMS Compliance statistics

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