Spark allows for the allocation of assessments/assignments and the collection of submitted materials (e-submissions).

It also allows for efficient review of the submissions and grades applied (e-marking) for an assessor's marking queue system.


Stand Alone Assessments

An assessment or assignment can be a stand-alone training item in the LMS, allowing for the simple submissions of essays, photographic assignments, illustrations, presentations and even videos.


Assessments as part of modules

Assessments can be placed within a module, allowing the individual assessment to be made available only once the user has progressed to a certain point in their training.


Assessors Grading System

The grading system allows authorised assessors with an interface to review submitted files, comment and even draw on top of these files, attach notes and grade the submissions. If you have multiple assessors, the system will queue the items ensuring each item is allocated to a single assessor and not graded more than once.



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