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SPARK is our modern, leading Learning Management System (LMS): an effective new way to schedule, distribute and report on online training. With our LMS you can deliver gamified eLearning modules, compliance training, face-to-face learning and assessments.


Bolt Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful, modern online learning platform. It is not only a training management system, but also a Learning Record Store (LRS), a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and performance analytics platform all rolled into one. Our LMS is available in multiple languages and capable of delivering on a global scale, via a highly-secure, robust system with a fully connected API. It is an online learning management system - no need to download additional software!

We always use cutting-edge technology and our LMS is enriched with features like gamification, facial recognition,  powerful reporting and an automatic learning record store. With our training management system, you can instantly distribute compliance training, bespoke eLearning modules, signable documents, event invitations, assessments - all of this through a mobile-responsive platform that your employees can access whenever and wherever they want. This and much more is what makes our LMS platform a leading learning management system.


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LMS system with Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Whilst most Learning Management Systems will let you see the exam score for a given user, Bolt LMS goes further. All data stored in the Learning Record Store is analysed to provide you with a detailed overview of performance.

Not only will it give you an analysis of progress through the module, the online learning management system will also build a hierarchical picture of the organisations performance, comparing an individual's performance to find those that are struggling.

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LMS platform with Compliance Training Management System

Compliance Training Management System

Our powerful compliance training management system automatically reports on the level of compliance of your company, and proactively ensures that the required proficiencies are kept up to date.

With our LMS you are allowed to define your own rules for compliance training, whether that be on a job role basis or on a level of your organisational hierarchy.

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LMS system with Customisation and Branding

Customisation and Branding

Our leading Learning Management System is extremely flexible and can be configured easily to deliver exactly what your organisation needs.

Bolt LMS platform is fully customisable: from what is displayed on the dashboard and the URL to the way your employees receive notifications, the LMS can be adapted to any need. This includes adding your business’s branding to the system, using your colours and logo.

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LMS system with Assessments


Bolt leading learning management system allows for the allocation of assessments to the users and the collection of submitted materials (e-submissions).

Our LMS system also provides an assessor’s marking queue system to allow the submissions to be efficiently reviewed and grades applied (e-marking). All of this within the LMS platform.

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Mobile-responsive LMS system

Responsive for Mobiles & Tablets

Our online learning management system is accessed through a normal browser without the need to install any plugin or additional software, and its mobile-responsive design ensures an optimal use on smartphones and tablets.

The system adjusts to the size of your device and is designed to work with touch, pen and keyboard/mouse interactions. With our cutting-edge LMS platform you provide your learners with a training platform that they can access anytime, anywhere.

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LMS system with API


The Application Programmable Interface (API) acts as a system integrator, allowing different systems to communicate with Bolt LMS system.

The API allows companies to link payroll/HR systems and automatically adding/removing employees across systems - implement a training management system in your company couldn't be easier.

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LMS system with Easy Distribution


Bolt LMS platform understands different levels of hierarchy, giving you the ability to issue specific training to specific people, departments and locations.

With this feature, you can distribute compliance training only to the relevant employees, and keep track of the distributed modules through the reporting system within the LMS system.

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LMS system with Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Bolt's online learning management system allows for a variety of User Verification tools, including a cutting edge facial recognition solution built into the system itself.

Users are required to register their face in the system and the cutting-edge facial recognition technology identifies if someone other than the intended learner is doing the training and blocks the module.

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LMS system with Automated Training Notifications

Automated Training Notifications

Our leading learning management system offers automated notifications, alerts and reminders that are 100% customisable.

Remind employees of an imminent due date or send them a congratulative note - you choose how the notification is sent, when, to whom, exactly what it says and how it’s sent (email or SMS). All this through a built-in feature of the LMS platform.

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Scalable LMS system


Whether you have 200 users or 1M users, our LMS platform has been designed to cater for your needs. The Learning Record Store can keep track of all your organisation's data.

Our cloud-based system automatically adjusts to the demands of your user base, expanding to ensure that every user is served in a fast, efficient manner and can access the training management system promptly.

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LMS system with Downloadable Certificates


The online Learning Management System allows for the generation of downloadable certificates, utilising any of the fields held against a user or modules they have completed.

The training management system also includes the ability to automatically distribute Certificates to users via email as they complete a module in the LMS platform.

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LMS platform with E-Commerce


Our LMS platform is not only a solution for companies wishing to train their own employees, it’s also the ideal system for those wishing to sell their training content.

The eCommerce facility, enabled by Sage Pay, allows for credit card transactions for eLearning modules and can be configured to allow for discounts and training bundles.

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LMS platform with Gamification and Gamified modules


Our gamification-ready LMS platform enables the creation of gamified training modules that engage your trainees in an interactive process of learning.

Bolt LMS gamification features include points, awards, badges, leaderboards, progress tracking and more, allowing you to further drive learner engagement and motivation. Gamified activities can be used to enhance any pre-existing training.

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LMS system with Big Data

Big Data

Our leading learning management system loves big data. Simply put, the Learning Record Store built in our LMS platform automatically tracks and records all activity performed by the trainee.

By monitoring your employees' progress our intelligent analysis software allows you to determine your high-flyers from your under-performers. This gives you early visibility of potential problem employees and develops your high performers faster.

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Global LMS system

Global LMS

Our online learning management system is available in multiple languages and has a geo-aware interface, meaning it automatically adjusts to users language choice and timezone.

This enables companies to use the same training management system for employees all over the world and ensures that every employee can access the platform in their language of choice.

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LMS system with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality training allows us to provide users with a bridge between knowledge delivery and skills development, getting them closer to real-life experiences whilst maintaining their safety and support.

With Virtual Reality, the LMS platform becomes the gateway for a digital world of training for your employees. Virtual reality can also add engagement to gamified training modules.

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LMS system with Learning Kingdoms

Learning Kingdoms

Bolt LMS platform allows for the use of an animated graphic for each folder or nested folder of training, making the training more visually attractive and providing the user with a more guided and supported journey through their training.

A captivating training platform enhances the motivation of learners and gives them a first taste of gamification features - visually, the module interface of our LMS can be easily compared to a videogame.

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LMS system with Learning Record Store

Learning Record Store

Our leading learning management system has an in-built LRS (Learning Record Store) which enables modern tracking of a wide variety of learning experiences, whether via an online platform, face to face, seminars or appraisals.

The Learning Record Store provides a single record location for all forms of training and is able to store all the data inside the LMS platform.

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LMS system with Metrics


The metrics system built in our leading learning management system allows you to define how you want to report and monitor training performance.

Our LMS platform not only allows you to choose from a wide range of data sources but also how you want them displayed - ensuring that you are always able to check the effectiveness of your training scheme through the LMS platform itself.

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LMS system with Event Booking

Event Booking

We advocate a blended learning approach and as such, it is essential that our leading learning management system can manage and maintain your event booking and attendance.

From sending invites to collecting RSVP’s and noting attendance, our LMS platform manages the whole process simply and intuitively.

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LMS platform with Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

Make collecting paper-based signatures from your employees a thing of the past, thanks to our online training management system.

Mark any module or document within your LMS platform library as requiring a signature and the system will collect a verified digital signature from that user for you.

More about Electronic Signature


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