Effective eLearning helps sales team to achieve more and perform better.


To create an effective sales team and ensure they are able to sell, two things are important.

  1. Knowledge:  This might be within their industry, sector, brand etc.
  2. Sales Skills:  This could be everything, from pricing, negotiation, relationship building etc.

Our LMS and eLearning modules can allow for a pre-test, meaning that salespeople are able to know where their gaps in knowledge are and are then able to fill those gaps by doing the necessary online training in their own time.


Consultative Selling

The customer's needs come first.  Needs are identified through a combination of preparation, effective probing and drilling-down into the customer's answers.  These are techniques all about the dialogue between the salesperson and the customer.  This approach focuses on using strategic questioning skills to engage in a dialogue with a client or potential client.  

We provide online training which enables a consultative approach to sales and requires the salesperson to constantly request feedback.  This will assist them to ask the right questions at the right time - a needs-focused selling approach.


Assignment System

Our Learning Management System allows for assignments to be completed and submitted to a salesperson's manager for review and comment.  This would provide important and necessary practice sessions on sale techniques.



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