Recap and Refresh give people the tools, equipment and practice to retain information over time, strengthening their memory.  


Our modules are created to prompt the user at the right time, refreshing a piece of knowledge in their mind and promoting longer term retention.

Through activities, quizzes, repeating main learning points and story-telling, we can recap the most important aspects of the training.  We want to ensure that what someone is taught within the eLearning, practical or face-to-face learning environment, they can retain this.    


Forgetting Curve


Forgetting Curve


The forgetting curve is a representation of the loss of the information that the human brain undergoes over time. Not all the information we get is retained, and in particular, newly learned knowledge tends to be halved only a few days after the moment it has been gained, unless the information is repeatedly recalled and reviewed.


Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition incorporates increased intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material.  A learner will gradually learn many items and retain them in memory.  To enable the learner to reach a target level of achievement, the repetition spacing interval will adjust accordingly.



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