"Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure."  Confucius


Proper planning will keep trainees on track with their learning, thus allowing them to absorb and retain more, as well as help them reach objectives more easily.

Our training allows for the necessary steps of preparation by incorporating due dates, making sure any pre-training documentation is complete, asking the trainee pertinent questions beforehand (in order to assess important information about them) and giving us key clues on how to adapt the training to their learning ability.

Perhaps pre-requisite modules are required before the training.  The system can issue any pre-requisites, add due dates, send reminders and notifications as well as alert a manager when the training has been done.  With our powerful reporting, a manager can ascertain if a trainee is ready to continue and access the main training or should any gaps in knowledge be addressed first. 



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