Induction & Pre-Induction training is provided to new employees by the employer, to assist with adjusting to their new role and to help them become familiar with their new work environment and the people working around them.  



Prior to a new staff member starting their job, from the early stages of the recruitment process to the first period of time when they have started in their new role, this person is at their most motivated state, eager to learn about their new company, their role, the people within the business as well as business processes, etc.  Much of this is due to people avoiding the perception of inadequacy.  

Providing induction training via a Learning Management System allows these new employees to explore not only their own role and its requirements but also the roles that other people play and therefore assists them in becoming a useful member of the team faster.



Pre-induction is where training is provided prior to a empoyee starting, either as part of the recruitment and selection process or prior to their start date.

It is used as an effective way to get a new staff member 'up to speed' before their start date, giving them a head start and assisting them to feel confident and knowledge-powerful.  They can arrive on day 1 ready to 'hit the road running'.  

Imagine the impact on your company, managers and other staff when new starters arrive understanding processes, procedures, company values as well as reporting structures and colleague profiles.


Our Learning Managment System can also collect the relevant paperwork from new employees including issuing and ensuring that they read policy documents, and even collecting electronic signatures where relevant.



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