The Flipped Classroom is a Blended Learning approach that involves delivery of key information, and developing core skills online, before a classroom training event. 

Flip It training has the same goal as Recap & Refresh but works the opposite way around.  Rather than post-training, Flip It will operate before training.  Similar to Pre-Induction but using a Blended approach, we provide online training before a classroom training event.  For example, if a meeting were called regarding a subject few might be familiar with, pre-training would assist with bringing staff up to a 'level playing field' and provide them with confidence before the meeting starts.  The chair of the meeting would benefit from saving time (as there would be little introduction required), increased motivation from the attendees, productivity and a quicker response rate to solve problems.

With a Flip It approach, trainees have the space and time to better absorb their learning, as well as skills and knowledge can be retained more effectively.  

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