At Bolt, we create online training courses that get people involved. eLearning best supports performance when the trainee feels stimulated, and our online courses are designed with that in mind. They contain realistic scenarios, immersive stories and a multitude of interactions to ensure compliance and inspire behavioural change.


Compliance Training 

There are various laws that are put in place within the different industry sectors. Many of our clients require eLearning modules to assist their staff with being compliant of these regulations. It is therefore imperative that our modules are created alongside industry specific, country specific legislation. Even more importantly, the online training modules require updating to keep in line with these laws. When training is updated, our LMS will automatically replace a trainees current training with the new one and alert them of this change.

Our training transforms the dull, monotonous, presentation type training into an engaging and narrative environment. This is far more effective and no longer a 'tick-box' exercise. 


Compliance System

Our clients may have their own compliance structure. For example, when a staff member joins a company, they may be required to complete induction before progressing to their next stage of employment. Our LMS can organise training in a hierarchical order whereby managers can prioritise training in the order they wish it to be accessed by the trainee. In this case, they would have their induction training at the top and prohibit trainees from starting any other training until they have completed this initial, vital induction module. The compliance management system in our LMS is flexible and can been structured to a company’s training requirements.



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