Spark can provide you will a larger capacity to do more valuable, focused training with your employees than what you would have done in a face-to-face environment.


By accessing training on any mobile device, at a time that suits the user, creates larger capacity in the workplace and higher engagement levels for those doing the training. There is no time wasted on travel, printing, reading of lengthy induction manuals, meetings or classroom training sessions. Apart from any practical training requirements, most, if not all training can be done online and in a more stimulating, engaging and fun environment.

Spark keeps valuable statistics on trainee progress, detailing where areas of assistance is required or updates of who has not completed their training and is falling short of compliance. Vital information is readily available without the time-intensive task of post training interviews, continual update meetings or manual marking of tests/exams. Spark can do this for you, providing an excellent review platform.

Our modules are currently accessed in over 47 countries and it is estimated that 1 million trainees will have had training distributed to them over the next 5 years. Our Spark system can manage these numbers with ease.




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