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We all know the benefits of great training; it increases performance and job satisfaction, reduces staff turnover and makes workplaces safer. It’s one of the main factors that makes – and keeps – companies successful.

More and more companies are implementing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide online training for their workforce. This is because training has been proven to be one of the best ways to engage your staff and increase productivity and employee motivation. If you want to know more, read below.



What are the main uses for eLearning?


eLearning is an effective way of consistently training many staff, in a wide variety of skills and knowledge, to a high level.

It saves you time and money, enables you to track the progress and development of your staff and increases the capacity of your training department.

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Recap & Refresh

Want to see how effective a recent training event was? Would you like to halt the ‘forgetting curve’ after a conference? Then eLearning is the solution you need!

Post-event refreshers and performance reinforcement are powerful ways of improving long-term retention, and application of knowledge and skills acquired, at an event.

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Flip It

The Flipped Classroom is a Blended Learning approach involving delivery of key information, and developing core skills online, before a classroom training event.

The advantages of this include trainees having more space and time to better absorb their learning, as well as skills and knowledge can be retained more effectively.

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Compliance training is notoriously dull and costly in terms of time and money and is often seen purely as a ‘tick-box’ exercise.

We develop stimulating modules that can be done anytime and anywhere by employees. Automatic reminders can be sent to learners when it’s time to renew their training.

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Theory Training

If your company requires training using potentially dangerous equipment, then eLearning can help you to optimise your training.

Imagine a situation where participants show up for a day of practical training, having already covered vital theory, by doing a course in their own time and at their own pace.

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Induction and Pre-Induction

It can take weeks or months before a new hire can start contributing and doing some productive work at your company. With eLearning, we can reduce the time-to-competence.

Think of the money you would save and make as a result of an employee doing profitable work sooner!

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Sales Training

If you have a sales force spread throughout the country, then you know how costly training can be and how much of a headache it can cause.

Our multi-device training means your staff can improve their skills via their tablet or smartphone, at their convenience.

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Not everyone joins a company/organisation at the same time but every new start requires important training on how to do their jobs well - and get 'up to speed' quickly.

Our onboarding system will allow for 'late joiners' and can accommodate new trainees at any time.

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With face-to-face training, time is often spent on getting everyone ‘up to speed’ before the training can begin. Preparation eLearning can be used as a precursor to any face-to-face training, allowing people to prepare beforehand, therefore saving valuable time within the training environment.

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