An exciting new tool in eLearning, Virtual Reality (VR) can supercharge your trainee's learning experience, bringing a subject to life in a dynamic and engaging way.

VR App Development 

Rapid advancements in display and sensor technology have made VR accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone. With the addition of a low-cost headset, VR can deliver an immersive learning experience in which trainees learn by doing. Studies have shown that knowledge retention from VR-based active learning is significantly greater compared to traditional, passive methods.

With VR, you can place your trainees in detailed 3D virtual environments, which might otherwise be too expensive or impractical to set up physically. Present them with real-world situations, recreate actual events drawn from case-studies or test them in scenarios where your trainees can apply what they have learned.

VR also allows trainees to practice hazardous tasks in a safe, yet realistic manner - particularly valuable in industrial applications and safety training.

VR can be fully integrated into your project, as part of our Blended Learning system. 

To download the demo app please follow the links below:


App Store Play Store


You can purchase a VR headset from Amazon.



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