The word ‘engagement’ refers to a trainee’s level of involvement and interest in training.


Low engagement means it’s boring – i.e. the trainee doesn’t do much and doesn’t have to pay much attention to what is being taught.

High engagement is the opposite, and we accomplish this in many ways, all of which can be summed up in our approach – Active Learning.


Active Learning

It is now generally accepted that, for training to be effective, the trainees need to be interested by and involved in the learning rather than be passive spectators, readers or listeners who simply page through content by clicking the ‘Next’ button.  Active learning forces the trainee to be involved in 'higher-order' thinking. This ‘higher-order' thinking leads to more effective learning in terms of retention and implementation of what has been learnt.

At Bolt, we crank up trainee involvement by using relevant activities throughout our eLearning that require the trainee to think about and apply what they’re learning. We don’t simply dump content on a page and hope trainees will take it all in, we weave the content into activities that require their participation.

To keep their attention and make the learning enjoyable, we use realistic scenarios and role plays that trainees would experience in real life, therefore making it easier for the trainee to see how what they’ve learnt applies to their jobs. In addition to this, we use Gamification elements such as stories and challenges to grab and keep the trainee’s attention. This would be far more interesting than a series of slides full of information about how to handle customer objections.

Our approach to eLearning enables us to ensure every trainee plays an active role in their learning by making sure they are engaged, involved and interested throughout.  

Additionally, it saves time in both delivery and implementation of training, as well as reducing tutor fees, venue and travel costs in addition to lost productivity for time off work.



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