We have a dedicated team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, 3D Artists, sound engineers and copy writers on hand to cater to your bespoke eLearning module design needs. The rapid creation and deployment of new online training modules is one thing we pride ourselves on.


We take your initial idea, from the basic brief supplied to us, and create storyboards and style-guides. We then go through short review periods to tighten up the educational content and stylistic approach. We have developed our own development tools which aid us to speed up the process and, with a dedicated point of contact on our team to work with you, we can take a module from rough idea to full delivery much faster than traditionally possible.

Integrated tools, like Text to Speech (TTS), in a huge range of languages and accents, allow us to provide almost instant production and allow human voice over to be recorded and added later.


Instant Release

Our Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed to work hand in hand with our module development, allowing direct instant publishing to our cloud based platform. 


Updates & Revisions

Far too often, companies develop modules whereby, after their initial use, they sit on the shelf as the time or effort required to update them is too prohibitive. Our platform has also been developed to make the process of updating and revising training modules much faster and more efficient. We actively review the results of our training modules with trainees and update modules to improve their effectiveness.


Language Translation

As businesses become more global, we often find our clients have the need to translate their modules into other languages, dialects, etc. Our platform facilitates this with our unique translation system, harnessing the power of machine-aided translation, whilst still retaining human input for those finer points. We also retain the meta data around images, videos and sound files to ensure those are translated at the same time.



Will this affect the quality of the final product?  Far from it!  We have an ISO accredited process which ensures the quality of the end product is maintained. 

We will take your requirements and hone it to the exact amount of detail and information the user requires to best learn the subject. By taking out the unnecessary bloat that is often found in eLearning, we streamline the process right at the start. This gives you faster development times, a more focused understanding of the topic and a better educational experience for the end user.

Our team are dedicated to bringing out the best in your training and bringing out the best in you.



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