Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, targeted bursts. This ensures that the module is relevant to performance needs and can easily be integrated into the workflow.


What is microlearning?

Research suggests that modern learners have only 1% of their workweek to devote to professional development and learning. That equates to 24 minutes per week if you assume a 40-hour work week. This is a small 4.8 minutes per day to focus on learning! How can you fit an effective training in such a short time frame? The answer is LMS microlearning.


 LMS Microlearning Platform

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The microlearning approach may not be fit for all training requirements but when used, it can stimulate someone in a short amount of time and break learning into more manageable, memorable and easy-to-digest chunks.


How can you implement microlearning in your training?

To meet the requirements of the modern learner, we created an LMS microlearning: we develop bite-sized, microlearning training modules that can be deployed through our LMS microlearning platform. When creating new training modules, we always make sure to fulfil the needs of your company and your employees - the LMS microlearning is only one example of the features we can include in your training content.

Our training also allows learners to pop in and out of their training multiple times, promoting knowledge retention through recap.  Our LMS microlearning is responsive, allowing users to access their training on their smartphone or tablet at a time that suits them when they are less distracted. Being able to access the training at any time, anywhere is essential to exploit the benefits of the microlearning platform.



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