Learning Kingdoms are our own unique way of enabling you to navigate multiple modules and learning resources on a specific topic, in a simple, engaging and attractive way.


Learning Kingdom

Instead of your employees receiving a dull list of modules to complete, they see their modules in the form of an immersive learning journey, mapped out in a Learning Kingdom. Instead of simply having to complete some modules, the learner now gets to explore a fictional island, follow a road through a mysterious land, follow the steps to skill mastery or whatever you decide would work best. This allows us to create suites of modules that are consistent in their style, themes, stories and approach.

The main map of a Learning Kingdom is like a home page from which you can navigate to the relevant module, resource or sub-map. Once you have completed the module, you then return to the Learning Kingdom, which now shows that you have completed that module. If further Gamification elements have been activated, then the points, stars or badges accrued during the module will now be shown. If not, then the Learning Kingdom graphic simply changes to show that module has been completed.



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