In the world of learning, understanding and long-term retention are only achieved through active participation: interactive videos can take your training to new heights.


Traditional learning content often fails to engage the users and to create the conditions for a good knowledge retention. Although using videos for training has become an established practice in the eLearning industry, they do not always provide a better understanding than what reading slides can do, because they are not interactive. When participants are not required to interact with the learning content, their attention span is shortened. Moreover, even if videos are very useful to demonstrate visually any procedure, they are often lengthy and boring. 


Interactive videos are a step further

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Interactive videos are videos that have been enriched with interactive activities: these can be questions to answer, decisions to take, hotspot to click. They give you the chance to exploit the benefits of videos, but they additionally ensure that users are engaged, by requiring to complete the interactive activities throughout the video. Interactive videos are a powerful tool for the eLearning industry because they aim to immerse users in an environment where they are required to take actions, rather than just witness what is happening. 


Interactive videos can serve basically any need. Here are just some examples:

  • You can show step-by-step video instructions and let users click at various point to discover more detailed information
  • You can have the users interact with the environment by adding hotspots to the video.
  • You can build a walk-through of your workplace and ask the participants to detect health and safety hazards.
  • You can engage your users in a role-play and have users watch a scenario and take actions that affect how the story unfolds.


Interaction improves learning

Not only this increases knowledge retention: as this study shows, students in eLearning environments that provided interactive video achieved significantly better learning performance and a higher level of learner satisfaction than those in other settings. Engagement can be the key to keep your employees motivated and productive and interactive videos are the ace in the hole of your training.


Detailed reporting

Unlike when trainees are only required to watch a video, interactive videos allow us to capture their responses. Bolt’s powerful reporting system provides an overview of results and can help you understand more about every trainee and how good is the knowledge developed through the training. 


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A touch of gamification

Interactive videos have a lot in common with gamification because they provide participants with a compelling narrative where the user is required to take actions that influence how the story unfolds; this is crucial because interaction cues have been proven to enhance cognition levels. Just like in a game, interactive videos can present multiple possible storylines instead of a linear playback, where the learner is challenged – and therefore, engaged - to bring the story to a successful conclusion.


Bolt’s expertise

Our team of learning designers are able to seamlessly integrate interactive videos as part of the Learning Content we develop for our clients. With Bolt, you make sure that your training delivers the required information and that the most modern, efficient tools are used. We can update existing training videos by adding interactive activities, or we can record brand new videos - with actors in studio or directly in your workplace. Not enough? We can even create video animations.

Implementing interactive videos to your training is a sure-fire way to make sure that your staff has a grasp of the information you are trying to deliver and to boost knowledge retention rates. They provide a richer, captivating experience to your eLearning and make it more immersive and bespoke. Read more about the impact of interactive videos on our blog.


Passive learning is OUT, experiential and participatory are IN!

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