eLearning Gamification is used to increase user engagement.

What is eLearning Gamification? Instead of having a simple quiz about your company’s brands, you turn it into an online adventure where the user must accomplish a mission by correctly answering questions on various levels to overcome various obstacles and defeat the bad guy. This is an example of eLearning Gamification - a term used to identify online eLearning modules with gamification features.

With eLearning gamification, the training becomes an interactive process where the user is engaged - and therefore, more motivated. There are many benefits to eLearning Gamification:


Increase Learner Engagement

With eLearning Gamification, the competitive edge, fun and the use of compelling narrative combine to make your training more engaging and interesting to the learner. Users don't need anymore to sit through a boring class: they can play a captivating gamified content while comfortably seated at home.


This is a neurotransmitter that stimulates the brain’s reward and pleasure centres. Studies have shown that video games can stimulate this compound’s release and therefore make you want to keep playing and playing the game. This means that, if you effectively provide gamification in training, you can trigger a similar effect (read more here).



This is a hormone that can be released when you achieve a reward or move up a level in a game. Endorphins make you feel like you’re achieving something and create a sense of excitement (read more about endorphins here). Exciting eLearning gamification? Yes please!


Show Consequences

In games, you experience the consequences of your decisions. Whether it’s losing a life, gaining an upgraded piece of equipment or losing a football match, the consequences of your good or bad decisions are laid bare. Creating a safe digital environment through our eLearning gamification, in which trainees can learn from their mistakes, is an effective way to instruct them to consider the consequences before choosing a course of action.



In a game, you can create your own profile, choose your name and make an avatar. These are simple elements that can be included in online training with eLearning gamification to increase engagement from the trainee.



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