Scalable, multi-lingual, localised learning content is critical to successful global organisations. Bolt Learning’s next-generation eLearning Translation system revolutionises the traditionally challenging and expensive exercise of delivering eLearning content in multiple languages, by giving you a total end-to-end solution.


Our in-built eLearning translation solution automates the time-consuming parts of the translation process, for faster, more accurate results by combining the power of smart technology and human expertise.


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Bolt Learning revolutionises eLearning translation by bringing together the speed and efficiency of smart technology and the expertise of human linguists to optimise the translation process. Our eLearning translation system can seamlessly translate text, videos, subtitles, voice-overs and more, to ensure consistent, quality, multi-lingual digital learning courses and training materials, in lightning fast time. Our eLearning Translation is unrivalled and represents a real revolution for the eLearning industry.


Language technology combined with human translators

In the first stage, the eLearning Translation system automatically extracts all the text from your module a job that used to be very time-consuming and that you’ll no longer have to do! It is then translated by experienced native speaking translators and copywriters ensuring consistent, high-quality translations. Our eLearning translation partners have over 4,000 native speaking translators and copywriters, across 60 countries. Linguists have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and are industry specialists.

Our cloud-based review tool then allows our translators, and our clients, to review and edit centrally, cutting traditional review times in half. This ensures that the final result is a high-quality eLearning Translation, crucial for the employee training of multinational companies.


Automatic, smart language memory

Once the text is translated, our eLearning Translation tool automatically re-creates the training modules and content, without the need for someone to manually build new versions of each module. Need a change to the original eLearning module, after translation? Our smart technology uses semantic markup to automatically update all versions of the module, in all the different languages.

Our eLearning Translation system can build up an intuitive translation memory for each organisation and make new translations increasingly automatic, leading to faster, more accurate, and cost-effective translation. Learning contents can be rolled out geographically anywhere in less than a week.

Bolt Learning ensures high quality translated eLearning modules by incorporating quality control and assurance into our technology at every step of the eLearning translation process.


Our end-to-end eLearning translation process


eLearning Translation diagram


Stage 1: Course development

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have existing training content, Bolt can help. We have a full team of Learning Designers who create high-impact learning content and ensures that your courses are appropriate cross culturally, well before translation begins.


Stage 2: Content extraction

Text is automatically extracted from your module by the eLearning translation system, a job that was previously very time-consuming for the client.


Stage 3: eLearning Translation

Your content is then translated by experienced native speaking translators and copywriters ensuring consistent, high quality eLearning translation. Artificial intelligence based machine translation utilises existing translation memory to initially translate the content. Expert human linguists then review and edit the translation.


Stage 4: Review

Our cloud-based review tool allows our linguists and our clients to easily review and make changes centrally, cutting review times in half.


Stage 5: Translated course creation

Modules, text, video, subtitles, graphics and voice-over are automatically re-created in each language using our cutting-edge Authoring Tool. We perform a final review and testing to ensure delivery of the eLearning Translation is flawless.


Stage 6: eLearning translation memory

With each new module, the eLearning Translation memory scans the content and identifies paragraphs or sentences that have previously been translated for another module and replaces them automatically. As the eLearning translation memory database builds, you save time and money on each new module you create.


This system is a game changer. A process that used to take up to 6 months now takes a few days. It is unique and highly valuable to any organisation that works internationally or that translates training for non-English speakers. Paul Roddis, Training Manager,IPAF 


Translated modules created with our eLearning Translation can be run on our geoaware LMS which offers a truly global Learning Platform learning platform, available in multiple languages with localisation features.


eLearning Translation Sample


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