eLearning Translation

Scalable, translatable and consistent localised learning content is critical to most successful global organisations. We combine the speed and efficiency of machine-aided translation with human-translation to deliver exceptional quality at exceptional speed.

Our in-built rapid translation system can seamlessly translate text, video, subtitles on video, voice-over and more to ensure consistent, quality multi-lingual digital learning courses and training materials, in lightning fast time. Our system even builds up an intuitive translation memory for each organisation, leading to faster, more accurate, and cost-effective translation.

Once translated, Bolt's eLearning authoring tool automatically re-creates the eLearning modules, without the need for someone to build new versions of the module. Need a change to the original module, after translation? The system uses semantic mark-up to automatically update all versions of the module, in all the different languages.

Translated modules can be run on our geoaware LMS which offers a truly global Learning Platform, available in multiple languages and localisation features.

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