Bolt Learning’s new eLearning Content Review System has been described as a real ‘game-changer’ in the online training world, giving clients active involvement in the eLearning development process and helping to shape a better training solution in a shorter time.


The cloud-based eLearning Content Review System enables our clients, learning designers and graphics teams to review a module at the same time, at any stage in the eLearning development process, cutting out many of the headaches experienced with desktop-based tools, making the training content development process more cost and time efficient. 


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A Revolutionary System

The ticketing style Review System allows stakeholders to view the eLearning module as it is being built, with a content review panel on the right-hand side. Stakeholders can select specific elements of a screen, even videos, games and other interactive activities: the review system automatically takes a screenshot, highlights the concerned object and enables reviewers to log their comment against it and then approve each ‘ticket’ raised. This ensures that the development team sees exactly what the user was seeing, avoiding any confusion and making it easier to address and fix the issue.


eLearning Content Review System 1


Unique Features

The eLearning Content Review System is also provided with a translation tool that lets you switch between the different languages in which a module is available any time during the reviewing process: hence, stakeholders have the chance to review multilingual eLearning content or the translation itself faster.

Bolt’s eLearning modules are provided with blockers that prevent the trainee from skipping through the training module without completing actions, such as watching a video or filling the gaps in a sentence. Although this is an important feature to ensure trainees engagement, it can prove annoying during the review of a module, so the Review System lets the user decide whether to keep the blockers or not.


eLearning online review system screenshot 2


The eLearning Review System also has a responsive option to review module content on tablets and mobile devices. It even understands the device the stakeholder is using to review, thus allowing device-specific tickets to be reviewed effectively. Every comment and amendment to the eLearning content submitted through the Review System is digitally tracked, all the way through the process – saving endless amounts of time and reducing the chances of human error.

Bolt prides itself on its ability to create high-quality learning content, rapidly, through a custom-built authoring tool, which already allows multiple authors to work on the same project at once. This new eLearning Content Review System will further speed up the process and ensure that all stakeholders are involved in every stage of the development of the training solution. Read more about the Content Review System on our blog.

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