We pride ourselves on digging deep into your performance challenges, to create bespoke eLearning modules tailored to your needs, your size and your values.


One size doesn't fit all...irrespective of language, geography or number of people requiring online training, we can custom-fit eLearning modules to achieve results across your organisation, allowing the training to be fully comprehensive.

We can scope out, storyboard, develop and maintain online training that specifically meets your requirements.

We also have a few tricks up our sleeve that might be of interest:



We quite often come across the requirement to not only have core aspects of an eLearning module but variations that differ because of geography, legislation or job role type. To solve this issue, we have created the ability to have variants of an eLearning module. The core components are the same but you can add or swap out sections for certain group of users. For example, we would use this for legislation, specific to a geographic region for a user or to alter an induction module to different departments.


Rapid Development

Our own tools allow us to build highly engaging, interactive online training, quicker than many of the tools currently on the market. Find out more about our Rapid eLearning Development.


Language and Localisation

Our online training can be delivered in multiple languages with a complete translation of the entire eLearning module.  Users can select their own preference from those that are made available and instantly the interface and all communications are translated. Find out more about our Language and Localisation options within our Learning Management System as well as our Translation Services.




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