Our eLearning modules can adjust the training that is being delivered to match the individual user. This is hugely beneficial to trainees as they will get training adapted to their level of knowledge, skill and experience.


We can start modules with a short quiz that ascertains the knowledge and experience level of the employee before adapting the content to their level. This means that every employee isn’t given training on topics that they are already familiar or comfortable with. They are only assigned the sections of the eLearning that will add to and enhance their skills and knowledge, enabling them to be more effective in their role.


Using Data

To design personalised and targeted content, you need data that tells a story about your learners.  Using data provides a better understanding of topics learners find difficult and will assist managers with feedback on where they should intervene and assist further.  Data will highlight knowledge gaps and serve up personalised content just for them.

Furthermore, Spark can adjust training to match job roles and other important criteria, creating a unique learning experience.


Using Analytics

Instead of everyone receiving the same experience, the adaptive technology is adjusting to each user's needs. Based on how the user has been travelling through their training, challenges are pre-empted and therefore focus will go towards areas whereby the user struggles to understand the material, to ensure they receive the most attention in these areas.  Analytics reports on this level of detail, but more importantly, it can be used to drive the adaptive learning experience.  

By setting rules within the system that allow certain content to appear only when the learner interacts with several activities, encourages further engagement.


Making It Personal

We will intentionally create eLearning with personal touches, such as addressing a user by name.  This is important for so many reasons, one of which is allowing the user to feel their opinion matters.  

Furthermore, the training will ask for learner input, to gauge the users feeling on their development and performance.  



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