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Our combination of cutting-edge technology and use of in-house educational experts and designers allows us to deliver quality online training that results in effective skill acquisition and knowledge retention. We deliver the best eLearning content using the most modern features.



Bolt team is able to create engaging, effective eLearning content, based on the needs and desires of your company. Find out more about our process and the features we include in the eLearning content we produce on this page.

Our team is always striving to create the most effective eLearning content to boost knowledge retention and rapid learning. We use cutting-edge technology to create eLearning content that is engaging, captivating and successful. The features we offer include gamification, eLearning translation, microlearning LMS, blended learning and rapid eLearning development.

All of our eLearning content are easily accessible online, without the need to download any plugin or additional software, through our modern LMS. Find out more about our training development process below or get in touch now for a demo.


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Bespoke, tailored eLearning Content

Bespoke, Tailored

We understand that all businesses are different and that one size does not fit all. From the services you offer to your unique blend of personalities, every business has their own unique characteristics - and therefore, a different eLearning content.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business, tailoring training to your brand, staff and values.

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Engaging eLearning Content

Active Learning

Our eLearning online training reproduces the levels of engagement you would normally get from a 1 on 1 session with a trainer or teacher.

This means greater consistency and effectiveness in delivery as it is not dependent upon the abilities or style of the trainer. Our eLearning content engages the learner in an effective, active learning.

More about Trainee Engagement
Rapid eLearning Content Development

Rapid eLearning Development

Bolt has developed a set of rapid development tools that allow us to develop eLearning Content far faster that traditionally possible, allowing your business to see the results quickly and reap the benefits sooner.

We also have a tool that supports rapid eLearning updates, extensions and eLearning content translations.

More about Rapid Development
Blended eLearning Content

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of eLearning online training and face-to-face training. It is the perfect solution when you want a course that blends the benefits of eLearning content with hands-on practical work and classroom interactions.

Our system facilitates this Blended learning process, automatically converting modules for trainers.

More about Blended Learning
Adaptive eLearning Content

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning refers to training that adjusts itself to reflect the trainee and deliver eLearning content to match their ability, knowledge and skills.

Everyone has their own learning personalities and our eLearning online training can not only adapt to each individual learner, but can also test the user’s ability, knowledge and skills to determine which aspects of the module to deliver to them.

More about Adaptive Learning
Microlearning eLearning Content


We believe that eLearning content should be short, sweet and memorable. That’s why we normally break down our courses into bite-sized microlearning chunks that take 10-20 minutes to work through.

This means your workforce can access their training when they need it without setting aside an entire afternoon or day. our Microlearning LMS is the perfect tool for your modern workforce.

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Gamification is used to increase user engagement with the eLearning content. By invoking a competitive and inquisitive spirit in your users, you can motivate them to push themselves further and accomplish more. Both positive and negative feedback can be used to encourage a user to better themselves.

Gamification is an essential tool to increase knowledge retention for your online eLearning content.

More about Gamification
Perfomance Reinforcing eLearning Content

Performance Reinforcement

We believe that training isn’t an event, it’s a process. The skills and knowledge acquired through a course can be easily forgotten over time unless they are reinforced.

We use games, quizzes, graphics and videos in our eLearning Content to reinforce learning and maintain your employee’s performance.

More about Performance Reinforcement
Role Plays eLearning Content

Role Plays

We all learn through experience, but making mistakes on the job can be expensive and dangerous.

So, why not create a virtual environment where trainees have the freedom and safety to learn from their mistakes before they go out into the real world? This is something you can find in our eLearning Content.

More about Role Plays
Virtual Reality eLearning Content

Virtual Reality

Our VR can be integrated into the eLearning Content rather than just stand-alone, allowing trainees to 'pop-out' into a virtual environment at the appropriate point, even utilising their own mobile device, to experience something they have been learning about and then return to the flow of the training when complete.

More about VR
3D and Animation eLearning Content

3D Visualisation & Animation

We offer full 3D visualisation and technical animation services for the creation of eLearning Content.

Our 3D modelling team have the knowledge and experience to create photo-realistic 3D models that not only work but also act like their real-world counterparts.

More about 3D Visualisation & Animation
Learning Kingdoms eLearning Content

Learning Kingdoms

Learning Kingdoms is our own unique way of enabling the user to navigate through the eLearning Content and modules on a specific topic in a simple, engaging and attractive way.

Instead of employees receiving dull list of modules, they see their training in the form of an immersive learning journey.

More about Learning Kingdoms
eLearning Content Translation

eLearning Translation

Our in-built rapid eLearning Content translation system seamlessly translates text, video, subtitles on video, voice-over and more to ensure consistent, quality multi-lingual digital learning courses and training materials.

We combine the speed and efficiency of machine-aided translation with human-translation to deliver exceptional quality at exceptional speed. our eLearning translation is a game-changer for translation technology.

More about eLearning Translation
eLearning Content Review System

Content Review System

The cloud-based eLearning Content Review System enables our clients, learning designers and graphics teams to review a module at the same time, at any stage in the eLearning development process, cutting out many of the headaches experienced with desktop-based tools.

This makes the eLearning content development process more cost and time efficient.

More about Content Review System
Interactive Videos eLearning Content

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are a powerful tool for the eLearning industry. They create engaging scenarios where participants are required to interact with the environment in many different ways.

Interaction is the key for your employees' engagement with the training. Learn more about how to exploit all the benefits of interactive videos in your eLearning Content.

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