This Wine Selling eLearning module will enable the user to understand how to display wine correctly, sell wine with confidence, pairing wine with food, wine varieties and shopper missions.

Key Features

Choosing a bottle of wine, for any occasion, without any knowledge of taste, pairing or season, can be daunting for anyone.  With our Wine Selling online training course, you can assist with the decision-making process, and prevent a customer from choosing the cheapest bottle on the shelf, but guide them with your knowledge, to purchase wine that is best suited based on the occasion, budget and person's tastes. The training also provides an overview of how to properly display and sell wine bottles.

Our Wine Selling eLearning Module is part of a group of training modules specifically designed to assist users with being compliant with regulations within different industry sectors. Read here why online training solutions can help your business being compliant and reducing the risk of fines. The Wine Selling - Retail is a fully online interactive course and has a final assessment with no time limits.  A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of the eLearning module.

Wine Selling eLearning Module

Course Outline 

  • Wine basics
  • Displaying wine
  • Wine & food essentials
  • Helping with wine purchases

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