This module will provide the legislative guidelines to any retail employee who sells tobacco and educate them with a basic understanding of the market to increase their sales.

This module covers the key information surrounding the selling of Tobacco, including the Tobacco Display Ban (England & Wales), and the EU Tobacco Products Directive, transcribed into British law through the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (2016).

Learning Outcome

This module will enable users to sell tobacco effectively and efficiently, and confidently sell tobacco according to law.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for all learners working in retail.

Learning Objective

The user will:

  • Understand the tobacco market and sell tobacco in an informed manner
  • Recognise the importance of selling tobacco lawfully and the consequences of not doing so
  • Understand the legislation that must be adhered to when selling tobacco
  • Recognise how legislation affects tobacco products

Course Outline

An overview of tobacco
The top 10 brands
How the tobacco market is segmented
Tobacco legislation
How to adhere to tobacco legislation and the consequences of not doing so

Approved eLearning course

ACS Accreditation

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