Do you or your employees struggle to be productive? This can impact the success of your business.


Productivity holds a crucial role in any workplace: an incredible 40 million hours are lost in the UK each week because of a lack of productivity. Productivity and profit have a strong correlation: unproductive employees can have a significantly negative impact on your company’s profit margins. Low productivity is also correlated with disorganisation, stress and lack of motivation.

We designed the Productivity training course to support employer and employees in understanding the importance of productivity in the workplace and how it can be enhanced without causing stress or dissatisfaction. It provides an overview of good practices to be more productive, avoid distraction and prioritise between tasks according to urgency and importance.

This training course will enable the user to understand the misconceptions around productivity and enable them to create a plan for themselves to be more productive. It is aimed at any person who is interested in increasing their productivity. It is a fully online interactive course and assessment, accessible on any device, 24/7, with no time limits through our modern LMS. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of the eLearning module.

Productivity Training Course

Learning Objective

At the end of the Productivity eLearning module the user will:

  • Be able to find out the benefits of becoming more productive
  • Understand the misconceptions around productivity
  • Know what they need to do in order to be more productive
  • Be able to allocate tasks for productivity


Course Outline

  • The Art and Science of getting more done
  • Meet Percival Schreeks
  • Why does productivity matter?
  • What prevents Percival from getting more done?
  • How can Percival be more productive?
  • Allocate tasks for Productivity
  • You can be more productive



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