Learn how to navigate through the process of hiring new people and helping them settle in their new role.


When recruiting new people for your company, there are some essential steps to follow that can make the whole process smoother and more efficient for your new hires and for you. With the job market becoming more and more competitive, finding the right candidate is not always easy - and companies are increasingly required to provide induction and onboarding programs to new employees. Moreover, there are a number of legal requirements you need to be aware of when you want to fill a vacancy in your business.

Following best practices in the recruitment process can lead to a number of benefits, including employee engagement and retention, enhanced job performance and low turnover. A successful hiring and onboarding process not only enables you to find qualified and reliable employees, but is also more cost and time effective and helps new employees feel welcome and get up to speed quicker.

The Recruitment, Interviewing and Induction training module is suitable for any line manager looking to improve the recruitment process, and is part of a group of eLearning modules specifically designed for Management Training. These training modules were created to be pedagogically-sound and include real-life scenarios, role plays and other engaging activities. They are available 24/7, in different languages and can be accessed with any device through our modern LMSCertificates are available upon completion of the modules.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the Recruitment, Interviewing and Induction eLearning module, the user will:

  • Be able to strategise and effectively implement best practices when interviewing, recruiting and inducting new employees
  • Be able to manage every step of the recruitment process
  • Understand the benefits of effective onboarding and induction

Course Outline

The Job Specification
Job Adverts
Interviewing Candidates 


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