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Managing the performance of employees is a continuous process - a process by which managers and employees should work together to ensure that goals are consistently being met, effectively and efficiently. 

A great performance management system will have many benefits, including increased motivation with many employees encouraged to improve their own performance.  Motivated employees are more likely to be loyal therefore lowering the turnover of your company.  According to HR Magazine online (Oct 2017), when it came to staff that had newly joined an organisation, 10% of new starters were found to have resigned before completing a year's service - this is extremely costly in terms of resources.

Furthermore, a great performance management system will see more responsible employees, creating huge benefits for your organisation, including financial.  

Our Performance Management training module is suitable for any line manager and will enable the user to better manage a team for consistent performance throughout the year. This module harnesses the power of storytelling to create an engaging, immersive learning experience: you will join Rob Hoode and his band of Merry Men in their fight against the Sheriff of Nottington, a terrible tyrant who mistreats the local people.

Learners will need to use their new found skills and knowledge to navigate their way through this challenge - this will help them understand how they would use this knowledge in the real world.

The Performance Management training module is part of a group of eLearning modules specifically designed for Management Training. These training modules created to be pedagogically-sound and include real-life scenarios, role plays and other engaging activities. They are available 24/7, in different languages and can be accessed with any device through our modern LMS. Certificates are available upon completion of the modules.

Robin Hood theme

Course Outline

  • Effectively review employee performance
  • Plan employee performance by setting goals
  • Link performance to pay and rewards
  • Use 5 types of Everyday Conversations
  • Run effective 1-2-1s
  • Manage under-performance



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