A manager's bad decision making skills can fundamentally hinder the team's performance.


We face and make thousands of decisions every day that differ in range of value and importance. From choices in working with colleagues or customers to strategic decisions that can greatly impact your business, decision making is fundamental to achieving goals and delivering results

This module aims to equip new managers with the basic skills and knowledge they need to consistently make timely and effective decisions.  By the end of this module, the user will be able to:

  • Use tools to make effective decisions
  • Identify steps to make the right type of decision
  • Interpret data to decide on the right approach to making a decision
  • Work with principles to overcome difficult decisions
  • Navigate complex situations and understand the impact of what you decide

This module uses a scenario based approach to developing decision making skills.  Through the use of a story based approach, the user is introduced to two characters with contrasting decision-making styles. The user must aid both characters as they struggle to develop their decision-making skills. 

graphic image of four students in classroom

Course Outline 

  • Decision making
  • Complicated decisions
  • The big challenge



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