Managers must communicate effectively to the team, to their suppliers, to their customers and financiers. Therefore it is essential for them to be good communicators.


Good managers are also good communicators. It is impossible to turn strategy into action if managers are not able to connect with their staff — motivating them, delegating tasks clearly, using constructive criticism. Without proper communication skills, a manager can lack the credibility needed to implement his employer's objectives, as well as the diplomacy to interact with different employees. Effective communication between managers and employees is an essential prerequisite for a well-functioning workplace.

We created the Communication Skills for Managers eLearning Module to equip new managers with the basic skills and knowledge they need to communicate with their team. The course is suitable for managers and any user with a leadership position.

In the Communication Skills for Managers module, the user will experience the life of a manager at Godzilla Playpens, a Reptile Pet Shop with some very different employees... will you be able to handle the team effectively and motivate them with your communication?

Upon completion of the module, the user will be able to use accurate language to clearly communicate, in a detailed manner, all goals and plans of action, and explain delegated tasks comprehensively covering all expectations. Users will also learn how to convey authority in their tone, body language and word choice in a way that enhances team productivity, how to motivate the team with sincere praise and encouragement, how to provide critical feedback that constructively corrects behaviour with actionable advice that doesn't negatively affect team dynamics and how to ensure that what they say is what is heard through active listening skills

The Performance Management training module is part of a group of eLearning modules specifically designed for Management Training. These training modules were created to be pedagogically-sound and include real-life scenarios, role plays and other engaging activities. They are available 24/7, in different languages and can be accessed with any device through our modern LMSCertificates are available upon completion of the modules.

Course Outline

  • Delegation Communication
  • Motivation communication
  • Communicating through body language
  • Communicating criticism
  • The Feedback Sandwich

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