Leadership and guidance is very important to a company’s success.


Workplace coaching and mentoring is one way to provide personalised leadership for both new and existing employees. 

Mentoring in the workplace is a two-way street that benefits mentor and mentee. It can help increase productivity, reduce turnover, create a more positive work environment and when used for onboarding, it can help new employee’s excel and grow, helping them get up to speed quicker than if they had to navigate the waters on their own.

If managers take on more of a coaching leadership style, they will start improving their employees’ performance, targets and goals on the job, by either enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills; increase openness to learning and development; develop employee self-awareness; create greater clarity in roles and objectives and increase their employees ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues.

Our Coaching & Mentoring module outlines the key differences between Coaching and Mentoring, and guides managers on how to apply these skills in every day situations.

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Course Outline

  • Coaching vs Mentoring
  • When to coach, when to mentor
  • Applying coaching and mentoring skills in everyday situations
  • Approaching coaching and mentoring conversations in an effective way

This training module is part of a group of eLearning modules specifically designed for Management Training. These training modules were created to be pedagogically-sound and include real-life scenarios, role plays, and other engaging activities. They are available 24/7, in different languages and can be accessed with any device through our modern LMSCertificates are available upon completion of the modules.



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