The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) text brings essential changes to data protection practices in Europe.


Key Features

Although your IT team may have awareness of the impending changes to data protection across the UK and Europe, however, that cannot always be said for all of your employees. The GDPR suggests that it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all their employees understand what the legislation is, the rights it gives individuals, and the responsibilities they have to ensure data is properly stored, processed and protected. 

We offer two levels of GDPR eLearning modules, to provide all employees, regardless of their level of direct involvement with GDPR, with critical online training on the changes to GDPR EU Legislation and what it means to them. Our course is therefore divided into two modules: EU GDPR Level 1 and EU GDPR Level 2.

The GDPR eLearning modules can be easily distributed to your employees via email and completed online, at any time, on any device, meaning they can do them at a time and place convenient to them – you don’t need a whole morning out of the office to do this training! This GDPR 2018 eLearning course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and contains mini-assessments throughout to reinforce learning objectives. A 10-minute multiple choice quiz ensures your staff have fully understood the GDPR changes. Upon successful completion of the module, staff are awarded with a certificate recognising their achievement.

Our training is designed to engage and stimulate your employees. The interactive activities, coupled with real-world examples, ensures that employees are able to engage fully with the material on the EU GDPR changes. By making the learning memorable, fun and interactive we can increase knowledge retention rates. Once your employees have completed the eLearning modules, you and your business will have clear documentation to demonstrate your GDPR compliance.

EU GDPR eLearning Module

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the GDPR eLearning Module employees will:

  • Understand what they need to do when handling personal or sensitive data to comply with EU GDPR changes and the importance of doing so.
  • Have the knowledge needed to process or handle data in compliance with EU GDPR.
  • Know when to ask supervisors for appropriate data privacy policies, e.g. data retention policy.
  • Answer customer or employee queries in relation to data privacy.
  • Direct customers or other employees to appropriate data privacy policies, e.g. privacy policy.


Course Outline

  • What is EU GDPR?
  • Why is EU GDPR so important?
  • Personal & Sensitive Data
  • EU GDPR Keywords
  • What does EU GDPR include (Overview)
  • Preferences & Consents
  • Limited Use of Data
  • The Rights of a Data Subject
  • Security
  • Child Data
  • Applying EU GDPR Principles



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