Developed for Senior Roles who have operational responsibility for a defined area of activity.


This module will equip users with the skills and confidence to positively influence staff performance and engage fully with their organisation.

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The First Line Management Skills module will bring clarity to understanding the role of a First Line Manager and how to be an effective leader with clear communication.  The user will understand the need and possess the ability to provide good motivation and constructive feedback to their team-members when appropriate, efficiently handling day-to-day tasks.

The user will be able to successfully handle frequent and long-term tasks, such as performance management, set individual goals and conduct staff appraisals, as well as recognise the significance of personal development both within themselves and their team.

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Course Outline

  • Understanding the Role
  • Leading and Communicating
  • Day-to-Day Tasks
  • Handling Longer Term Tasks
  • Support and Personal Development
  • Assessment

This training module is part of a group of eLearning modules specifically designed for Management Training. These training modules were created to be pedagogically-sound and include real-life scenarios, role plays, and other engaging activities. They are available 24/7, in different languages and can be accessed with any device through our modern LMSCertificates are available upon completion of the modules.

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