Learning Outcome

This module enables the user to work compliantly within competition law.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for learners who work in commercial environments, particularly retailers and suppliers.

Learning Objective

The user will:
- understand how to trade ethically
- understand the basics of competition law and the consequences of not complying with this
- recognise types of anti-competitive agreements
- understand what information can and cannot be shared with competitors or suppliers, and how to manage information provided to you
- understand who enforces competition law and what happens in the event of a dawn raid

Course Outline

Ethical trading
What is competition law
Consequences of not complying with competition law
Agreement types and anti-competitive agreements
Information sharing and how to manage information provided to you
Enforcement of competition law and dawn raids


Competition Act (1998), Enterprise Act (2002) and TFEU Article 101 and 102.

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