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In order to sell alcohol in Scotland, a Scottish Personal Licence is required. While businesses that sell alcohol only need one Personal Licence Holder to oversee the activity, they are required by law to provide proper training surrounding the sale and supply of alcohol to every single member of staff. That's why we created our new eLearning module: Alcohol Licensing.

A licenced business must prove that they have taken ‘all reasonable precautions’ and exercised ‘all due diligence’ to avoid committing an offence.  All staff selling alcohol must undergo at least 2 hours of mandatory basic training in licencing law, particularly regarding the sale of alcohol to young people and people who are, or appear to be, drunk. This is an essential and legal requirement for all employees selling alcohol in licenced premises (including c-stores, supermarkets, wholesalers, pubs, bars). 

If your employees are not compliant with the required training, your premises might have it’s licence suspended or revoked.

Traditionally, businesses would have had to organise face-to-face training sessions or workshops for every new member of the staff. With our new eLearning module, you will just need to distribute the training via email to your new employees. They will be able to decide when to complete it, where, and on which device.


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Our module provides up-to-date training, in accordance with last year changes to licensing regulations in Scotland. It was built in conjunction with industry leaders and official accreditation bodies. It is a quick, interactive and effective way to make your business compliant with Licensing legislation - whatever your type of business might be. Our Licensing module also includes a range of information regarding personal consumption, licensing objectives, valid proofs of ages and much more.

Businesses are also required to keep record of the staff who completed this training and all training records are subject to inspection by Licensing Standards Officers upon request. Our LMS automatically stores data about your employees and check that all of your staff is compliant, giving you peace of mind - you can just print out the certificate for each of your employees.

This course is suitable for anyone working in licensed premises.

Licensing eLearning Module

Learning Outcome

This module will provide trainees with the skills they need to work in Scottish licensed premises. The module covers both Off Sales (retail and convenience) and On Sales (pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants). The Licensing eLearning module provides the mandatory staff training that all staff serving alcohol on licensed premises must undergo.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Alcohol
  • Legislation (The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Premises License
  • Personal Licence
  • Children and Underage Sales



  • The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Act 2010
  • Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010
  • Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015



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