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24th June 2018

New Reporting System

The standard module performance reporting inside the LMS has been given a completely renovated and improved look.

Jun '18

12th May 2018

New Translation

Added Bulgarian translations to the LMS.

May '18

5th April 2018

New Permission

New permission added to better maintain trainees.

Apr '18

27th February 2018

Signable Documents

Documents can now be issued, signed and returned via the LMS.

24th February 2018

Tags and Notes for Organisational Units

Organisational units can now be tagged and annotated.

20th February 2018

Single Sign On

Added the ability for users to sign on to all systems with one login.

14th February 2018

New Translation

Added Chinese translations to the LMS.

Feb '18

15th December 2017

Facial Recognition

New identity verification tool in the form of facial recognition.

12th December 2017

Module Timers and Time Requirements

Introduced timers on modules as well as minimum time requirements to complete modules.

Dec '17

27th August 2017

Introduced Events

Face-to-face events can now be organised, managed and tracked alongside online training.

21st August 2017

Folders and Additional Records

New folders and records added to LMS to improve organisational capabilities.

8th August 2017

Advanced Account Activation and Web Links

Introduced new account activation rules and web links.

Aug '17

11th June 2017

Proficiencies and Compliance

Introduced new job roles, organisational unit roles and compliance rules.

Jun '17

20th May 2017

Improved Sequencing

All training items are able to be sequenced - not just modules.

6th May 2017

Assignments and Assessments

Added the ability to allocate assessments and assignments.

May '17

14th January 2017

Improved Distribution

Improved efficiency when distributing training in bulk providing the ability to distribute training quickly in larger numbers.

Jan '17

10th November 2016

Global Capability

Internationalised the whole system, allowing for global capability training.

Nov '16

28th October 2016

Training Items

Training items can now be limited to particular organisational units

27th October 2016

Training Codes

Training codes can now be made available to existing users

Oct '16

30th September 2016

New Translations

Added Italian and German translations

29th September 2016

New Translations

Added French and Portuguese translations

Sep '16

28th July 2016

API Improvements

Added improvements to the API

26th July 2016

Module reports

Added module reports

Jul '16

28th March 2016

Bulk Tagging

Users can now be tagged during bulk import

28th March 2016

New Translations

Added Dutch and Spanish translations

27th March 2016

Bounce Notifications

Added Bounce notifications

25th March 2016

Login Improvements

Improvements to login to better handle mobile numbers

Mar '16

27th January 2016

Downloadable Apps

Changed offline presentable modules to be downloadable apps

Jan '16

28th November 2015

Trainee Enquiries

Allowed trainees to submit enquiries

28th November 2015

Training Restrictions

Added a status to training items to optionally restrict their access

26th November 2015

Email Tracking

Added tracking of email delivery status

Nov '15

28th October 2015

Offline Mode

Added offline mode for training sessions and TinCan data sync

28th October 2015

File Versions

Introduced versioned files (documents, certificates, modules)

27th October 2015

Faster File Storage

Moved file storage to third-party CDN (Amazon S3 & CloudFront) for faster delivery

26th October 2015

Performance Improvements

Added performance tracking

26th October 2015

Multi Language Support

Added support for multiple languages/locales

Oct '15

28th July 2015

Manager Notifications

Added notifications to managers

28th July 2015

Repeat Training

Allow the same training to be issued to the same trainee more than once

28th July 2015

Notification Management

Allow notifications to be limited by Organisational Unit

28th July 2015

Training Sessions

Introduced training sessions

Jul '15

27th May 2015


Added certificates

27th May 2015

Improved Front-End

New-look trainee front-end

26th May 2015

Module Sequencing

Added module sequencing

May '15

29th April 2015

Trainers and Modules

Introduced trainers and the notion of presentation modules

28th April 2015

Relayed Module Support

Added support for relayed modules

26th April 2015

Requirements Checker

Added minimum system requirements checker

26th April 2015

Tin Can Support

Added support for Tin Can modules

Apr '15

28th September 2014

Self Registration

Training codes now allow trainees to self-register with the system

28th September 2014


Payments can now be made by trainees as part of the self-registration process

28th September 2014

Usernames Added

Trainees can now have a username instead of requiring an email address/mobile number

27th September 2014

Payment Notifications

Ability to send payment notifications (i.e. receipts)

26th September 2014

Custom Fields

Ability to define arbitrary custom fields for storing info about a trainee (employee #, date of birth, etc.)

26th September 2014

Customisable Emails/Text Messaging

Notification emails/text messages are now fully customisable, both content-wise and the conditions under which they are sent

26th September 2014

Trainee Import

Bulk import of trainees from CSV/TSV/Excel/XML

Sep '14