Virtual Reality integrated into a Learning Management System delivers a real-life learning experience without potential severe consequences.

As a complement to theory training, a learner can be asked to participate in a real-life situation. However, situations like working at heights, dealing with hazardous materials, or operating heavy machinery, can be either difficult to arrange, or dangerous to a trainee.

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Spark LMS with Virtual Reality allows the learner to practice tasks like these in the comfort of a familiar setting. A trainee only needs a smartphone and a VR headset, without leaving the Learning Management System. The user's actions are recorded on the system, and the trainee can progress to another level.

VR set and a phone

This approach makes the trainee involved and engaged. They can repeat an experience that would not be possible or safe to repeat in a real-life situation, thus eliminating risk and safety concerns – the possibility of injury or liability.

It reduces wear and tear on the machinery, eliminates the complexities of logistics as the LMS is cloud-based, regularly updated and easy to download for instructors, and compresses time needed to learn from months into days.