Bolt Learning Management System allocates training only to the relevant employees and keeps track of them through the reports and analytics.

When it comes to delivering online content, especially without automation, the room for error can be huge. Emails can be ignored and people can deny they heard something they are not interested in hearing.


Bolt LMS is an automatic system that can adapt to organisational hierarchy and includes the possibility to tag users and distribute learning material in bulk.

With it, you can:

  • Select whom to distribute to
  • Select which online training to distribute
  • Add due dates and expiry dates
  • Group and sub-group relevant users and just distribute to them
  • Monitor from one place who has accessed the system

You can also deliver – from the LMS system – by:

  • Email
  • SMS (phone number) – using a unique code for the user to access online training

Outside of the LMS system, for example, at a conference or a seminar, users can access the system with a self-registration access code.