The survey functionality of the Spark Learning Management System (LMS) allows the manager of the LMS to send targeted surveys to all or groups of individuals within the platform.

Pre-training, you can ask your learners discovery questions ahead of online or face-to-face training sessions to determine their knowledge level or as part of a flipped-classroom approach.

After the training, you can ask your trainees their opinion on the value they gained from the training, what they have learned and what could have been done better.

Instant benchmarking

Instead of doing a single annual staff survey, you can keep your hand on the pulse throughout the year on how your employees are feeling, whether that is regarding the training or generally. You can easily increase knowledge by assessing thoughts, opinions, and feelings of your workforce, which allows you to take faster action and saves you time. The surveys can be customised to be distributed to targeted groups, departments and regions, and can be enabled within minutes.

Decide on what you want to ask and how you want it to be answered

Uncover the answers, evoke discussion, base decisions on objective information, compare results. The surveys can be both anonymised and non-anonymised. The functionalities of the surveys built into Spark Learning Management System include:

  • single-line or multiple line textboxes for text answers
  • drop-down menus
  • multiple choice
  • checkboxes
  • number textboxes and number sliders
  • likerts and numeric likerts
  • currency inputs
  • ratings