The world has become increasingly mobile, including how we work, and how we learn. Providing access to training anywhere, at any-time, on any device is now the desired approach of most organisations. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is fully-responsive, for mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. The Bolt LMS looks sleek and functions seamlessly on any screen size, providing a device-friendly online training solution.


What Is A Responsive Learning Management System?

A responsive LMS is a learning platform that is capable of delivering training on multiple devices, with different screen sizes.

It allows users to access the learning on a device of their choice, whether mobile, tablet, laptop or PC, and seamlessly switch between devices, without any loss of user experience, information or tracking. 

Our LMS is fully responsive for use on virtually any device and platform. The responsive design framework ensures that all onscreen content is optimized. This means that the content expands and contracts depending on screen size. All users can access material on any device, enjoying a seamless user experience.

Why Have a Responsive LMS?

Having a fully-responsive learning management system provides learners with access to a seamless, flexible learning experience on any device, anytime. 

Learners can focus better on their training because they are experiencing the same user interface on all devices. It can also help them avoid various technical difficulties and inconveniences. 

The ability to access the training anytime, anywhere is also likely to have a positive impact on learner engagement and productivity. Learning can be done at a convenient time for the learner, or their manager - they don't have to wait for example until they have access to a PC.

A responsive Learning Management System is an inclusive solution. It can increase the number of employees or learners who can access the training. For example, those who don't have regular access to a PC or laptop, maybe who are on the road a lot, can now get easy access via any device, with no exception.


Responsive LMS


Browser Based LMS that is Responsive

Our LMS is accessed through a browser without the need for any plugins or additional software. Therefore, you don’t have to replace or overhaul existing systems and can access just like any other website. 

Responsive User Interface on Any Device, Any Language, Anywhere

Our LMS has been designed to be, easy to use on smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as PCs, no matter what brand, screen size or operating system. It understands the screen real-estate available on every device and adapts the interface to maintain its intuitive nature on any screen size or orientation.

Additionally, our responsive LMS system is available in multiple languages and includes a built-in system checker which will check firewall and proxy settings to ensure you and your users have access when you need it.

Future-proof your learning with Bolt's fully-responsive LMS.


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