Microlearning allows eLearning to be delivered in manageable, bite-sized bits of training, which can work around employees’ schedules. When training is supplied through a microlearning platform, it enables users to meet very specific goals, and the learners feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

Our modules are designed to be 10-20 minute training courses that ensure new information is easily absorbed. As the LMS is responsive, the training can be accessed and completed anywhere without having to set aside large amounts of time. The chunks of information delivered are also relevant to employees' performance needs.


By breaking a topic into smaller chunks, we allow the learner to approach it piece by piece, completing as they have the time and building upon their knowledge.

This allows employees to fit training around their workload, rather than having to set aside an entire afternoon or day. By breaking training into smaller sections, we also see higher engagement and a higher rate of knowledge retention. The ability to recap the training content reinforces the learning results.

Bolt LMS is a microlearning-ready platform

As it is a fully responsive platform, the learners can access the LMS on their mobile phones or tablets whenever they have a small amount of free time. Our platform is fully optimised for microlearning, allowing learners to pop in and out of modules whenever they want. It can track the progress with ease, making it possible for users to advance through training whenever they have the opportunity. Microlearning can be incorporated in the "flip-it" approach to equip your learners with chunks of knowledge before a live training event starts.