With Bolt Learning Management System you can set your own parameters for evaluation.

If you are struggling to convince stakeholders that a learning project is effective, it might be that you don’t have concrete numbers to back up your claims. If your learners are not engaged, how can you see the path to determining the actual cause? You have deadlines to keep just like everyone else, so you need to know the course status and where your learners are relevant to the deadline.

Bolt's Spark LMS is a revolutionary learning management system because we give you the ability to set your own parameters of evaluation. This will be the base of your reports. You set the terms, and our reports give you actionable data based on those terms.

You can measure the following and more:

  • The rate of completion: do your learners really understand the information? Can you identify where to step in and help?
  • Is there a group of questions that presents a difficulty for everyone?
  • If you measure a group against an individual – where an individual is compliant to the company policy, for example, or needs training.
  • Measure the learning stages of proficiency: who is showing progress and who is stagnating?
  • How much time does a user spend on a slide or a video? Is it engaging? Why not?

You can easily identify learners who are struggling – and why

Maybe they need more visual stimulation or a different kind of learner engagement. Our LMS has customisable metric tags so that you can measure the key metrics for learning stages of proficiency of your employees. You can also measure how long it takes them to attain proficiency, allowing you to shorten that time and boost productivity.

LMS metrics need to show benefits versus the costs, so you need one where the benefits are clearly and easily measurable. After you analyse the performance, you can compare this to your situation and your company and identify key areas to improve.