Bolt's LMS with webinar system has fully integrated webinar functionality, allowing you to schedule and run distance learning sessions directly within your Learning Management System.

Live LMS webinar sessions are created in the same way as classroom training events either as open or closed events. With open events trainees can book themselves on the webinars and a tile will be visible within their dashboard for easy access to the event at the appropriate time.

The webinar system is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly and so users on any device can attend.


* A Chrome Browser & Plugin is required for the presenter of the webinar.



Webinar LMS Video Feed

The live e-learning system supports 2 simultaneous feeds which can be a choice of two webcams, 2 desktop shares or a mixture and you can either swap between the feeds or present both at the same time with one being the priority at any time with the second feed being shown as a smaller picture in picture window.

LMS that has Webinar chat

Whilst your webinar is running you can receive messages from your trainees and reply to them individually or as a group. Visual feedback within each message informs you and the trainee whether the message has been read.


Whilst in your webinar you can issue a poll to the trainees, their answers are captured directly on the video feed and you can also show the results on the video feed once the poll is complete.

Recording Webinar sessions

Do you need to record live webinars through the LMS? The live video webinar feed is recorded automatically and made available for download after the webinar is complete. If you have started and stopped your webinar then each session is made available along with the audio feed for download. This is particularly useful if you wish to create asynchronous modules from your live webinar events.

Participant Checker Whilst using Webinar Video Conferencing Functionality

Our LMS records webinar sessions and ensures control of user participation. If you are running webinars for any form of CPD or required training, then you want to be sure that the trainees are present and haven’t left the feed running. Whilst running polls and asking questions via the chat can assist with this, we also have a feature that tracks the users mouse movement (or screen taps).

Pass/Fail/ Complete Status

To ensure that an individual’s training record is kept up to date within the LMS the system allows you to mark the users as having attended or not. . The tracking and reporting on the success of the webinar will increase pass rates and improve your learners journey.

LMS with Webinar Statistics & Data

All of the chat data, poll answers as well as the in-session time for each user is available for download at the end of the webinar.



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