Distributing online training content can be a headache with the wrong LMS, with too many manual processes and room for human error. Bolt LMS is developed to automate an astounding amount of this process. Bolt LMS understands different levels of your company's organisational hierarchy and includes a tag-based system so that you can automatically allocate and assign online training in bulk, or individually, saving you critical time and stress.

Easy LMS Online Training Allocation 

Bolt's learning management system includes an easy to use bulk distribution system to guide you through the process of selecting who and what online training is to be distributed, allowing you to add due dates and expiry dates. It has a tag-based identification system that allows you to sub-group your users in any way you require.

When the online training is sent, each trainee receives a personalised email with the training that has been allocated to them. Our LMS is also aware of any previous training a trainee may have been allocated and by default, won't re-allocate an eLearning module unless you specifically tell it to.

Whether it is new legislation for a specific location or new processes in a certain department, focused distribution enables you to give the right training to the right people, with a lot less headache for administrators!

No Email, why not use SMS via the LMS?

Do you need to assign training or register a user who doesn't have an email address? If you have trainees who don't have email addresses, the system will automatically revert to using a mobile number (if one has been provided), sending an SMS message with a unique code for the user to access the online training. Future notifications, communications and training allocation will also be sent via LMS.

 Self-Registration Codes within the LMS

If you don't have an email address or telephone number for someone you wish to allocate training too, Bolt LMS can generate self-registration access codes. Entry of this code allows users, who are not already in your LMS system, to self-register. You can then gather email address and other contact details where relevant. These codes, which may have a limited date for expiry, can be given out in bulk, perhaps at a conference or in your company newsletter.  

Assigning training and learning content via your LMS should be simple, intuitive and, where at all possible, automated. Bolt LMS provides all of this and more.



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