See the real progress of your trainees in real time thanks to powerful Learning Management System Reporting and Analytics.

When launching an eLearning campaign, you need to be able to see how effective it is. You need a system that can tell you which question caused problems for your trainees - for example, by seeing how much time they took to read, analyse and answer a question. Also, you need to know if they completed the sessions in one go, or they stopped and started the training. Maybe you need to revise the learning content to improve comprehension, or need to know where you stand on compliance.

With Spark, it is easy to set up a report on a timed schedule, and that will alert you when compliance renewal is due. Surveys within an LMS are another way to understand users' opinions in order to improve the training content and to glean the learner satisfaction rating when it comes to your learning campaign. Your LMS also needs to be able to track certification, especially when it comes to compliance, as well as assess results - how effective the knowledge retention is when it comes to on-the-job application.


Report and track learning with LMS reporting

Bolt Spark has an interactive analytics tool that can show you exactly where your learners have problems, which elements or modules they breezed through, where they struggled to focus. It identifies where the learners have trouble understanding the module, down to a particular question, be it the knowledge of your brand or a particular skill.

LMS reporting in unprecedented detail in real time

Bolt Spark is a pioneer on the market because no other system gives you this level of detail. You don’t have to guess anymore. You can see at a glance where training is needed at department level or on individual level. It also identifies star performers and behavioural changes that need to happen to bring up to speed those who are struggling. With this real-time reporting you can quickly identify potential problems and areas for further training.