Bolt Learning Management System has a fully automated and fully flexible notifications management system.

Send every trainee in your company a tailored message or assign them specific learning material or documents, whether abroad or locally, in different languages, specific time zones, using an email message or a text notification.

With easy access to a record of all notifications sent and delivery receipts for different types of notifications, Bolt LMS enables managers to monitor the progress stage of each trainee, so that better management can take place.

Communication within an organisation is crucial, but how do you do it when some employees have supplied email addresses, some use only phones, a good number of them speaks a different language, and they span across different timezones or even generations, with different views on communication?

Bolt Learning Management System has a built-in automated notification system.

Flexible and customisable, it allows you to tailor the content as needed, for example when a date for completion is due, or when the course expires. You can track each notification through a copy that is recorded within the system. Our LMS is fully mobile responsive and can be accessed on any device.

With targeted delivery, you can control exactly which department, region or brand you send to.

It also allows for reporting notifications, which can be set either on regular intervals, or when an individual has failed a module, for example. It can be connected to an external system via an API integration, or by simply attaching a CSV file to an email.