In the modern workplace, people use many different devices to carry out their roles. Some use mobiles, other laptops. Some use emails, while others prefer instant messaging or texting. And some still actually make phone calls! Communication is absolutely critical in any organization, and it's no different when it comes to Learning & Development. Notifying people, and communicating with them, in a way that suits both employee and employer, is what a good LMS notification management system should provide.


Imagine sending every trainee in your company a tailored message or assigning them specific learning material or documents, whether abroad or locally, in different languages, specific time zones, using an email message or a text notification, and each one is completely unique, and even better, each notification or distribution is fully automated. Sound good? Welcome Bolt LMS featuring a fully flexible notification management system.

Imagine having easy access to a record of all notifications sent, and delivery receipts for different types of notifications. Easy to access, progress stats and the ability to flag to managers the progress stage of each trainee, so that better management can take place. Again, Bolt LMS can offer all this and more.


Manage notifications with our LMS via automated notifications

Whether it's reminding employees of an imminent due date or sending them a congratulatory note upon module completion, with Bolt we’ve made it possible for you to choose, through our LMS, how the notification is sent, when, to whom and exactly what it says. The LMS Notification automation system can trigger different notifications for different types of events. Being able to trigger notifications for expiry dates, due dates and the time of day allows for very specific notification management. 

 The Bolt Learning Management System is flexible, robust and has a customizable LMS notification system to allow you to create both generic and very specific forms of notification that cater to all your various needs – Why not trial it today?


Editable, customizable content

You can tailor the content as needed and also use tokens to place system generated elements into the appropriate part of your message, such as the module link or trainee name. "Welcome to Company X, [NAME] The first module in our onboarding training is [Module Name] Let’s get started!'




Flexible notification delivery - Manage push notifications with our LMS

LMS Notifications can be delivered via email or SMS (or one can be a fall-back option for the other.) Each user notification, whether email or SMS, is tracked within the LMS and a copy is recorded within the system. At any time, all prior notifications can be viewed, delivery receipts can be checked, or notifications can be resent if required.

Remember, our LMS is fully mobile responsive so whether you're setting up the notifications or receiving them, everything is accessible via mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Setting up notifications is very easy, and our support team can help guide you through the process.


LMS notification triggers

Each notification has several customizable parameters that can be easily defined before sending, including the type of training item, its status, and time-related aspects, such as due date, expiry date or date of issue. For example, a reminder can be sent if an eLearning module is only partially completed after "x" number of days.

Another unique feature of the LMS notification system is the automatic activity settings to allow you to automatically send “Happy Birthday” messages or “Congratulations” upon module competition.


Targeted delivery

You can even control which parts of the organisational structure the notification applies to, allowing you to set up specific messages for individual departments, regions or brands. For example, you can send congratulatory SMS's with messages like, "Well done [NAME] on completing [Module Name] - From John.'", Immediately when a module is set to complete for Region 1 your company. What's more downloadable and customizable certificates can automatically be attached to notifications.


Reporting notifications

Reporting notifications can be used to keep members of the management team informed.  For example, a notification can be sent when an individual has failed a module or failed to complete the assigned modules within the require time. Management reports can also be sent on regular intervals, such as on specific days of the week or month.

Managers can allow for external reporting or updating of external systems, by simply attaching a CSV file of notification information to an email.

See API integration for an alternative method. 


LMS tailoring notifications capability

There are many ways of tailoring messages and communications for different departments, regions, or characters. Bolt LMS allows you to tailor and personalize messages in just the same way. If one department is led by a formal manager vs another led by a more casual manager, then messages can be personalized and tailored accordingly.

HR teams often work with overly admin-intensive processes. Bolt LMS provides an intuitive and automated way to more effectively communicate with your trainees, saving you time, money and stress. 


Revolutionise your workforce training

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